Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Beach Fun…

Living close to one of the greatest beaches in East Coast was finally a dream come true to us. I have to admit it was a huge accomplishment for me. I LOVE the beach since I was a little girl. Best memories are built and made by the sea at least for me. Beach is something that has been incorporated for me to visit my grandmother when I was growing up. She was a wonderful person who has touched m heart very deeply in my life and I miss her very much.

Well my story here is we have not yet build up any routines to appreciate the beach we have. And we are still much unorganized visiting the beach. So I am working on this I know with all the crazy things going in my life. I am looking forward to do some creative activities at the beach. I would love to say right now we appreciate the beach as it is.

Little Nicolette loves the water and to hang out with her big brother. Niegel was always a water baby his love for the beach I don’t think I can put to words. For both of them it is a very special trip/treat going to the beach. We were at the gooseberry beach in RI. We have been there twice this year. Not yet our beach we are still exploring but we love this spot so far…
Love the ambiance around this beach and the town.

This time I was able to walk in the town and got a treat for myself as well. I love the art shops in this town. We have to make few more trips to the beach…

Quote of the day “cultivate an awareness of your surroundings”


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