Thursday, September 29, 2011

Raising Nicolette without a Pet Dog…

I know this sounds funny… I grew up in Sri Lanka having a pet dog. Matter of fact in my childhood memory I remember having three pet dogs not at the same time. You know when one goes away after the morning period my mom would get another one. I loved dog as a pet not a cat, don’t ask me why?
Well let’s put it this way I am not a cat person.

I have serious allergies as well I know some of you might say you can get dog with hair. Seriously the amount of hair that I shed I don’t think I need to have company for that.

For 13 years I was quiet OK to say to my son we are not going to have a pet dog or a cat he was not that cool about that because this boy LOVED dogs. He would take care of my neighbor’s dog, walked him, pick up his poop, fed him when they were out of town or work.

The story was I was quiet confident to say no to him get him a huge fish tank and a hamster, and one time a bunny actually some of them were class pets from my classroom.

Little Nicolette here is another story, when she is up and walking on the first level no one can walk their dog because as soon as she lays her eyes on the dog she would follow the dog from inside the house peeking through the windows. If we go for a walk she would make dogs inside their houses crazy she has some powers I really mean it they go nuts and starts barking. So I had to ask all the strangers if it is OK, if my daughter pets their dog… Now we pet all the dogs in our neighborhood from Wendy, Brady, and many more I cannot keep up with their names. In return we decided to offer them treats little Nicolette loves it… so when I go grocery shopping we buy dog treats but we don’t own a dog yet… but I can see in future this will change… my son who understand the whole ball game taking care of a dog is a lot of responsibilities actually fine with the fish tank…

Quote of the Day “bu surprise books for kids"


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