Monday, September 19, 2011

Vine Post…

Next summer I wanted to add some vines to our garden. So I decided to go with morning glories. I know this is an annual. However to my purple and blue tone garden I think morning glory could add some fun. I get plenty of sun in the morning on sunny days where I am planning to have my post.
I found this book that discusses many interesting garden plans, plants and how to create beautiful gardens with plants. Yes, it a publication of Better Homes and Gardens step b step Ultimate yard and Garden.

I asked Panduka to help me with this project we did this together. I am now anxious to make few more since we have some left over materials from the initial project I am planning to add one or two into our garden may be different heights. I think this could be a great GIFT to an avid gardener. I have come to know few…

My vine post is going to be standing bare this fall and winter but I am hoping have morning glory climb on this post this coming summer I am very excited about this. I am waiting very patiently to see my young garden grow and mature.

Quote of the day ‘put a plant in the windowsill for peace’



  1. Oh I can only imagine how excited you are. Morning glories are so pretty!

  2. Thank you... Yes, I am very excited about this...

  3. I have a similar post that my husband made for Clematis to climb. Love it. And I made (well, he made) a simple contraption for Sweet Peas to climb. Depending on where you live - Sweet Peas have such a beautiful fragrance and are so paper thin delicate - I add them to a lot of arrangements for their frill and bright colors. Let me know if you're interested in the "contraption" and I'll send instructions. Great idea to consider these as a gift for a gardener.

  4. That's the fun part is watching them grow. :)

  5. There is something so peaceful about a garden and watching plants grow through the seasons and the years. It is so diappointing when one of them is not doing well or, alas, dies. I know it's how life works, but I feel so connected to them, that it hurts. Your quote is so true ~ plants do bring peace.

  6. Happy SITS Day! I've come to love our wee little garden. I'm glad yours gives you enjoyment, too.