Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cutting Down the maple tree…

I woke up second time to the noise of heavy machinery. Knowing the workers are working on the basement but not quiet friendly to their somewhat early schedule I peaked outside from the bedroom window to find out the maple tree in our yard is being eaten by the shredder. I quickly change and grab the camera and the shades because I couldn’t open my eyes from late night driving from NY after visiting family.

Kids are going to sleep through this I know because they are too tired to come outside and very sleepy. I did not expect them to come today to take down the tree. But I am glad they did because it’s done. All the neighbors woke up to this terrible sound I guess.

Some neighborhood kids love watching the whole drama. Even with my sleepy eyes I said a sad good bye to old maple tree that has been in this land for many years and provided shade to the house and wonderful color during fall.

They grind the stump few inches below ground and provided us some maple wood chips. I asked them to leave one chopped part of the trunk for seating. I planned to incorporate into our garden sometime.

What was amazing was that took so many years to this little maple tree to grow, mature, old, and sick took less than 40 minutes to cut down to its roots. Yes sometimes I feel terrible about this but I couldn’t do anything else to save this massive sick old tree.

Quote of the day “pay much closer attention”


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