Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happy Cake…

 Amma I want a happy cake from stop & shop… yes little Nicolette is obsessed with cake after having cake for her B’day, brother’s, and friends. Panduka bought two cakes from the store which was free. A nice welcoming gift to us from the local grocery store… She has been enjoying the cakes from winter, spring, summer, and driving us nuts asking cake.
We have been so tired working in the garden and the high temperature is not helping us to bake or even to get close to the oven.
But to keep our sanity and little Nicolette happy I decided to work on this recipe from this blog Yes, I finally got it with few attempts. Nicolette was happy to mix in the ingredients and help me out in the kitchen to bake the delights…
I have to admit this is a wonderful recipe and all of us liked it has a very rich chocolate flavor. Great for after dinner desserts or for gatherings…

Quote of the day ‘use what you have’


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  1. Looks yummy! My son has no desire to help cook or bake anything. He isn't much into sweets or desserts which is good I guess.

    visiting from SITS