Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Our Harvest Wreath…

What do you do with your old silk flowers…? I am in the phase of retiring silk flowers that’s mean planning to bring in fresh flowers in more often. I always liked fresh flowers I take them to the temple, visit friends, family, and neighbors.

But I also owned some silk flowers that I have bought few years back and continuously blooms in my living room. I know they add color but after a while you get tired of the look. So I owned these still bright beautiful sunflowers. I am a sucker for sunflowers because I find them full of character. I do not own them in my garden yet… and the second reason I like them because my son was born in Midwest and you can see fields of sunflowers in the Midwest. I have not visited the sunflower fields during my stay in Midwest. However it brings back the memories of tiny Niegel… Since we are tired of these sunflowers I decided to make a harvest wreath using them…

What you need
Silk flowers sunflowers or any kind of flowers and leaves
Hay stack wreath
Glue gun
Wire cutters
and creativity…

It’s fun to see the second life of these big sunflower blooms… I got so many compliments from people passing our home.

Quote of the day “turn off TV and turn on life”


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