Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Scarf's... and more Scarf's...

Scarf’s... and more scarf’s… during fall when I was just getting the hang of knitting, I bought this ball of yarn from the local yarn shop. I have mention in some of my earlier blogs (The Owner) was a very sweet and helpful person.
So I decided to buy some yarn from her shop when I first bought this yarn I had no idea what I am going to do with this. The reason I bought it was it was so bulky I have not seen yarn like this at the local craft store. It was pink and simply bulky yarn. This was sitting with my other yarn in the closet eventually I understood in order to knit from bulky yarn you need big knitting needles which I happen to own now.

I did a very simple garter stitch scarf and it came out very cool I love it so much I almost wanted to knit one more but there is no yarn I bought it from the clearance section and there is no more…. I just have to wait.
I loved and enjoyed creating these bulky heavy big loops from my knitting needles. It is very cool and amazing at the same time to create something from a ball/skein of yarn…

Buy what you need and what you love…


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