Saturday, March 27, 2010

Be Grateful…

Middle school, approaching teen hood, & being responsible was a major task for my 11 year old. Good news is he is performing an A+ job with this statement. Yes we do have good days and bad days we both learn something out of it. This is surely a learning curve for me as well as for my son. His LOVE of reading books got him in trouble many times during this school year but with much hesitant he learned and moved on to my delight and his sanity.
He got poor grades but the lessons he learned are priceless. Amount of talking I did with him was painful and I sometimes dread having some conversations with him.

Now the weather is getting better days are getting warmer I want to be outside with him before it gets too hot. His school’s over by 2 O’ clock but I notice the teachers job doesn’t finish at that time they stay behind to help and guide children which I appreciate very much.

Sometimes you have to work with challenging children and emotionally these tweens are very vulnerable but still wants to do the best. I think a lot about these teachers probably I use to be a teacher too it’s a great service and a great satisfaction you received from children and parents.
I want to be part of paying tribute to this amazing career with my son as we are coming to the end this school year. We want to rejuvenate the Yellow Team (my son’s teachers) with some bake goods, bouquet of fresh flowers, coffee and a card…
That’s exactly what we did; I wish some more parents could participate in this too…

Quote of the day “Feel for others as you do for yourself”


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