Friday, March 12, 2010


I bought this yarn from an Asian inspired store. The reason I wanted to visit the store was the aromas of incents sticks were calling me to take a peek at this store. This was in Canada by the church of Notre Dame. There was a bunch of yarn in a bowl there were beautifully arranges as skeins. Interesting fact was there was a sign says recycle silk yarn from Nepal.

I took a closer look at it but the young sales clerk has no idea where it comes from or anything about it… of course I had ton of questions in my head but the best thing was it was mark down from $9.00 to $7.00 so I bought 2 skeins had no idea what I want to do with this it is spun in a funny way not very perfect but that’s thing I like about this fuzzy yarn it feel somewhat rough also. So this was my souvenir from Montreal, Canada, I must admit it was not that bad.

I had this with me for a while I finally decided to make a scarf. I was busy working on my other projects and finally I wanted to make this scarf this special person in my life.( I am not a very good scarf making person.) Make something for myself too.

I really like the final product used two needle numbers… and then decided to stick with to one size # 10 was working really well. I have not yet given this to this special person can’t wait to see the reaction.
What I like about this yarn is the colors and the shades it is very beautiful.
That’s it for today hope to get busy with my creations…

Quote for the week ‘Participate in one new activity every week”


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