Friday, July 26, 2013

Our Garden under a heat stroke...

We have had couple of thunderstorms with a sprinkle of rain. We have had not  received a good rain for a while it not like very New England weather that I know during my time here. However, the garden is going through a heat stroke and we have had few bugs munching leaves and flowers. I am very reluctant to use any pesticides. 

I guess I have to take a trip to a nursery to find out whats happening to some of the plants. I was able to snap few pictures before the rain which has been forecasted during this week we will see when it comes down. Watering has been a priority in our household since we have replanted few of our evergreen trees due to our new fence. 


  1. Flowers are doing a good job of holding up even under this heat. Hopefully it passes soon and your Garden can pull through alright :)

  2. Thank you, and I hope it will...