Thursday, July 11, 2013

Flat breab piza

I do not feel like cooking during Summer, let alone turning the oven on in this heat. On the same note, I am not a happy driver in this heat as well. I sweep the onion basket and the vegetables from the refrigerator and decide to make a pizza.

What I had:
2 big onions (cleaned and sliced)
1 cup of mushrooms sliced
1 big red bell pepper sliced
few anchovies
Whole wheat flat bread
Basil Pesto

How to:
Spray two cookie sheets. Lay the flat bread and spread a thin layer of Basil pesto and set a side. Mean while sauté the onions until they are wilted and caramelized add some sugar to keep it going. Add the mushrooms. finally add the red bell peppers. Spread this on the flat bread add Anchovies. Add grated cheese and bake until cheese it melted and serve warm with lemonade!

This was a GREAT pizza and every one liked it! 

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