Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I like to have flower pots by our doorway, even though we do not have much space at the door. I received a petunia plant from school as a gift from parents and I was kind of thinking a way to add that to create something fun. Few trips to the nursery always catches my eye with interesting plants.  Hopefully no more trips to the nursery until Fall. 

I found a flowerpot that I have acquired long time ago and I created a mix that would compliment what I had received from parents. I was happy with the end product. Then I got more creative when I was at the craft store, since they have done markdowns on bigger planters.

I decided to go for a wider mouth, glazed, and a sage green flower pot. I did mix in a dark potato type plant, red coleus, verbena, and a basil. Like I said I was all into experimenting. Not much of a bloomer but seems to be happy at the front doorway.  


  1. I'm so horrible at keeping plants in pots alive--yours are lovely!

  2. I am ok but I do kill herbs in pots though...