Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Blueberry Picking...

 I took the kids for blueberry picking. I was surprised that my older one did not mind joining this. It was really a hot day for easterners but we still decided to work on this. To be honest, it was my very first attempt in blueberry picking. Now that I like it, I am all in to planting a blueberry tree in my yard. I do not know how this is going to work but worth giving a try. 

Little Nicolette was elated when I explain that she can eat the blueberries while she is picking. So the first couple of minutes she was eating them while I was filling her basket. Meanwhile the older one vanished I knew he is going to be close by as I asked him not wonder too far.

I had fun picking the berries as well. They were so yummy and looks beautiful and we were tired and head inside the farm stand. While I was there I picked few things. Like baskets, I have to come up a way to use them.