Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My leisure readings

I have few books that I would like to reading this Summer. Which means somedays we have to give up swimming because it could take a nice chunk of the day. On the other hand it is the time that little Nicolette gets to play with me in the pool. I know she deeply enjoys it. Because, at times she refuses to go for her lessons but rather hang out with me in the pool.

These are few of my Summer fun picks.

I love this book Stitch Savvy by Deborah Moebes, there are few projects that I would love to do. 

Simple Sustainable Style by Randy Florke with Nancy J Becker is another that I enjoy lovely way to make your house a home.  

There is a few more I have and I will share later. Some related to work and few are for pleasure!


  1. While I can sew the basics by hand, I have yet to master a sewing machine!
    I assume "stitch savy" has patterns to be swen using a machine?
    Thanks for hoping by my site from SITS - I hope you come back!
    Glad to see another blogger born in SL :)
    Shashi @

    1. I kind of enjoy sewing, I wish I have more time to do...

  2. I see that you have good collection over here! Have fun reading them :)

    1. I hope I can make few things before Summer ends...