Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cleaning & Organizing...

I was waiting for this long summer break to take on few projects. One was to clean and organize the refrigerator. Please excuse the mess, there were many things which were outdated, and it needed a nice scrub down from inside - out. 

We decided to finish the food we have first. However, the clean refrigerator might looks like there is non; but trust me we do have plenty with our garden produce. A lot of sandwiches this Summer with fruits!

Having containers does help to keep the refrigerator clean in the long run. All I need to do is a quick wipe. I am planning to go to the grocery far more less during Summer months which was replaced by many quick trips in the yard spent with Nicolette weeding the plant beds. 

Niclolette was so excited to help in the process of cleaning. I wonder it was cleaning or going to the gym for her swim lessons. I want to say it was the swim lessons. 

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