Monday, July 15, 2013

My Shop

I have learned over time, from my little shop, it is best to use what I have left from sewing. I meant of course fabric because I go through bolts! I have been using some of left over fabrics to make drawstring bags for Montessori Toys. 

I have treasured little Nicolette's toys. I meant her infant toys in drawstring bags. This might be a little crazy but I have treasured  few of the items I have made for her. There is something in us that we like to hold on to little sentimental from our childhood. Perhaps it is the mother in all of us. 

These are the little drawstring bags that I am making to store the little bell in the ribbon. I personally think it is a very important / significant toy during infancy. That the infant gets to interact with its environment first hand. 

Enjoy the Summer!