Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A new fence

We are getting a new fence. This is something we wanted for many reasons. Mainly for privacy, building the garden, and to enjoy the yard more often with kids. 

Since our house is very old we inherited many windows. With that comes the issue of privacy. I can see my neighbors yard and her neighbors yard from my bathroom.  We can use a little privacy in our tiny house. 

Gardening is something I have always enjoyed since I was a very young kid. I felt I could not enjoy it and build as much as I want to without a back splash which would be in this case the fence. Because the house is white we decided to build it white and keep it low maintenance to us and to the neighbors as well. As you can see how excited I am running around and snapping pictures. We had to move our evergreen trees twice hopefully they will take off. We had few showers since the move. Rose garden is officially moved to one side of the garden which I am not very thrilled. 

I cannot wait to add the Hammock, to our yard. I am thinking of a small fire pit to burn the branches we collect during the year and we can spend more time in the yard till the end of Fall. 

Meanwhile the raise beds are doing great, However the turnips did not do much as I anticipated. We dug them out and thinking of Garlic we can add to that bed this Fall!


  1. Looks amazing! I love how your pretty green plants look against the white.

  2. Thnks Meryl... funny thing is I could not see my gardern before I can see it now but I guess I kind of miss my neighbors garden as well now...