Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Eating Healthy...

One thing I would love to accomplish during this year is eating healthy. This has been a major concern for me for a long time. I find it challenging to eat healthy in winter months I do not want to eat cold salads everyday when it is freezing outside. 
This is where the comfort food kicks in. The soups, well I have to admit I have found some really healthy winter soups that I have come to love and healthy as well. I will post them as I go through my struggle to eat healthy. 
I have rediscovered the salads with my own twists and healthy alternatives. What I have notice is the amount of vegetable we have been consume has gone up. 
How can you eat healthy on a regular basis needs some make a head plans and sticking into a schedule. Do you know that we humans find it difficult to stick into schedules no wonder. 
I have come to peace that if I can make a big salad ahead of time I will consume it during my meals. So far it is working for me. So how I make my salads depend on what I have in my refrigerator. Recently I have been adding the vegetables that could go bad quickly like the cucumbers, salad leaves, sweet peppers, broccoli, celery, sweet peas, ( I love these they are so crispy and sweet), carrots, and mushrooms. 
I also decided to make my salad and store it in a clear glass bowl. Because it is inviting me to have a serving when I see all the colors. I am a visual person. I did not owned a salad bowl so I used my glass truffle bowl. Works well right now. One more thing to buy from IKEA a salad bowl they are so inexpensive and quiet big. 
I find cleaning the vegetables with my daughter is fun because she does want to try them out when we wash them together. However It does take some time to cut them. What you might need to add to your list is some peelers. You can involved your kids into this process as well. Then can peel the carrots, and cucumbers. Some of the slicers come as peelers they can slice carrots and zucchinis. They look like ribbons something new for you to try. I sometimes get tired of carrot stick and other vegetables this is a fun way to slice your vegetables paper thin. 
I try to eat salad everyday as a meal and snack on fruits. My daughter likes it but not a big salad person but the best thing is she is trying. 
Quote of the day “ look for many solutions”

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