Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Nicolette’s Closet gets a Makeover...

 One Major project is done. My major project for this holiday was finishing Nicolette’s closet. Panduka did a GREAT JOB finishing it. He had to replace the wall with dry wall as well. It looks gorgeous. I was happy it is all done everything has its place so she can organize her clothing. 
The best part is coat hooks that goes on the door where she can hang her jacket all by herself. I still have few more things to add but the majority work is done. The biggest accomplishment is she can hang her clothes. I always wanted to make a kids friendly closet for her and finally it is done. 
Another aspect of this was to make all girly and how can you do it without glitter was a challenge. I always loved the french influence in clothing. I took the liberty to accessories her closet by stenciling. 
we have come to LOVE IKEA so much. They do have budget friendly storage solutions. Since the closet was too small we decided to add a small storage unit from IKEA. The awkward space was addressed by the unit and the space can be used as well. We did add little knobs so she can open and close it by herself without getting her fingers in between the drawers. The knobs did tie in with the antique silver stenciling. I love every little detain in this closet. 

The old baskets were put to use by a fresh coat of paint. I have come to love this shade of white named Swedish Coffee.  I need few more things as a area rug inside the closet. I am planning to use her wicker chair next to her closet so she can sit down to put her pants on, shoes on or what ever the task she has. This has become a lovely project we have come to LOVE. 

Quote of the day “take care of each moment”

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