Monday, February 6, 2012

Shelving & Art...

When it comes to children’s books I am a sucker. I spent money on hardcover books. I go overboard with new but good writers. I love award winning and nominating books the same. I love investing on good children books. More than everything I love reading books to children. Luckily little Nicolette inherited lot of her brothers books flip side most of them geared towards boys. Well it’s ok to offer a range of choices. 
After taking some art courses I fell in love with offering her books with beautiful illustrations as well. I love picture books where you do not have to read and could be a great conversational subject for the parent as well as the child. I highly recommend this for all the parents. 
I usually stack all the books in a basket now that Nicolette has her own room I wanted to do more with her books. Also I notice when I stack them in the basket the books tends to get damage some times books does not go in the basket with much love. However, when you have to place it in the shelf it does require some attention from your little one. 
It is more inviting  to read before you tuck in your little one. Easy accessible and a great way to display the beautiful cover illustrations. 
We installed these shelves from IKEA on the wall just above her bed she can reach and I can put them away. Adds some color to her room.
Quote of the day “create delightful rooms for children”

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  1. Books, especially Children's Books, make great art with their creative illustrations and titles. I love the bookshelf. Even in earthquake California, they look sturdy!