Thursday, February 9, 2012

Flowers at Home...

I am planning to add a new aspect to my house as well as to my blog. Hopefully my goal is to be informed myself with names of flowers. I was a teacher and I use to get most beautiful flower arrangements as a whole for the classroom as well as for myself. I thanked from the bottom of my heart to all the thoughtful parents I had. 
Well the aspect of this is now that I own a house with a reasonable size garden I wanted to add flowers to my garden. I have been working on this from last summer. I enjoy bringing fresh flowers from the store once in a while to brighten up the snowless winter we have this year. 
To begin I am going to start with the most common flowers which is used by the florist is Alstroemeria. Did you know this is also called the Peruvian lily. This is also called a filler flower. 
I love the colors of this bouquet it is a wonderful green reminds me of Spring is just around the corner.  Even though my bouquet is collection of mums and Asian lilies. they all blend in harmony. 
Quote of the day “send flowers to express your love to someone”

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