Friday, February 10, 2012


I grew up in Sri Lanka a small independent country which is located close to southern tip of India. It is an island once call the pearl of the Indian ocean yet beautiful and surrounded by breath taking blue Indian ocean. 
We were very careful with the resources we had growing up in Sri Lanka. I try to preach the same concept at my home in the US. Mainly I wanted my children to understand poverty, and the uneven distribution of wealth, and the natural resources on our dear planet Earth. 
My recent visit to IKEA I purchased some votive candles named MATTFULL one cost .79 cents. I know you cannot miss this deal they were very cute and lightly scented with a floral scent.  I decided to stock up and bought six. I believe if I were to burn I can burn these for at least 2 days non stop. Well I did finished burning one. I could not recycle this tiny glass votive. I find it easier to clean these if I place them in the refrigerator and cut the wax with a sharp knife it will pop out easily. 
When it comes to healthy eating habits. I know the proportion control is the key factor. Now I found a new use for these wonderful votives. They are my newest serving dishes... wait a minutes did I called them dishes... Oh yes! I did they are ideal to serve one scoop if ice cream for those sugar rush hours. 
I know I went overboard to add the chocolate and the peanuts because little Nicolette has been really good for me so I could study the entire afternoon while she looked at books in her room quietly. 
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Enjoy !

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