Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Setting up Routines...

Organizing and having things in order is something I have always strived to do. In way i think I need help in this area not matter how much I try. As a montessori teacher I believe everything should have a place and there is a place for everything. I do not think this is an overstatement. 
Working with Nicolette to organize her room which consist of sleeping, playing and working is always a work in progress. Nicolette loves playing kitchen so we got this kitchen from IKEA which works well. I am not completed organizing her toys and her work station yet. 
I always try to get her to clean after she plays or in other words put toys back to their own places. This is an ongoing process. I always look for ideas to organize children’s places. 
I like how she takes the initiative  to clean after play. How can you foster this. Always show children that it is part of play to clean up. Have bins and storage units for easy access to put toys away. When you buy a new toy please make it a habit to donate old toys ( I keep a bag that we take out every season for donation with clothes). Do not accumulate older toys keep few for memories or take pictures. Better to pass on. 
If your child like rewards have a system so it will promote the cleaning habits. Some children work better with reward systems. 
Quote of the day “ nothing can erase your good deeds”

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