Monday, February 20, 2012

Do I believe in Fairy Tales...

During my childhood English was my second language. Matter of fact it will always be. Which leads to the next sentence that I will always speak my English with an accent. This could be a issue depending how you look at it. I do not look at people with accents as I cannot understand what you are saying but I know people who do that. Let’s not go there. 
Growing up I read many books English as well as my own language. Most of the English books I read was navigated around fairies. I imagine these little people were real sometimes. Even the poems we recite were funny like the little miss muffet. 
When I was decorating my daughters room I found myself revisiting this side tales. I bought this canvas print with little people...
It is funny how we revisit out own childhood with children...
Quote of the day “Experiment”

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