Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How to Decorate with Picture Post Cards...

 This is not rocket science pretty easy project.  You can do this in so many ways like DIY picture frames or custom made. 
I am not a very big Disney person. However we took our oldest back in the days when he was the king of the house to disney to celebrate his 9th B’day.  I do not think he feels that way, any more with little sister around. 
When we were at the theme park I bought some picture post cards featuring Tinker Bell. I had these for the longest time. The reason I bought it because it features all the four seasons. I thought it was cool to see the magic of nature through Tinker Bell...
I started framing them through custom framing at the local craft shop using the coupons.   It took a while to finish all of them. After finishing and moving around, I really did not get a chance to appreciate the beauty of these frames. 
Finally finishing Nicolette’s room, I was able to hang them in her room.  I felt Tinker bell belongs in her room. It looks great together in a cluster. It adds a professional look to these inexpensive post cards and a fun way bring the memories back from a vacation.
I am hooked on IKEA frames and shadow boxes. 
Quote of the day “There is a reason for everything”

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