Thursday, March 31, 2011

Healthy - Quick Dinner

This is the season for asparagus… this is one of my favorite vegetables. I was at home last week with my little one as the guys decides to go for a guy movie and dinner out. I was not in a mood for a big meal and wanted something simple and quick.

Of course whenever I have fresh asparagus I have this urge to make something out of it before it hits the 5th day of refrigerator life which is good in way to eat your vegetables fresh!
My quick recipe was to marinate fresh asparagus with sea salt, garlic and 1 tbs of olive oil and grill it. Half boil an egg, and 1 slice of toast. I arrange the grilled asparagus on a plate broke the egg and make sure the egg yolk is runny.

Sprinkle some black pepper and drizzled some olive oil yummy and simple week night dinner!

Quote of the day “play first and work later”



  1. I love asparagus! I make a mock Hollandais (sp) sauce for it! Yours sounds like an awesome breakfast! I like that idea for the a.m. Something that makes me feel good at the beginning of the day!

  2. Oh my goodness, this looks really yummy to me! I LOVE asparagus and I love that you marinated it. I will totally have to try this. And I like my eggs soft in the middle too