Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Knitting Hats…

I get great joy by watching how my daughter wears her hats. Now that it has become a part of her routine. When she takes night baths I let wear on particular hat because I knitted her a blanket to go with it. Lately she has been wearing it inside the house. This happens has happen only couple of times but I enjoy it very much.

I love how this hat looks from the top. It almost looks like the bulls eye but with so many circles from top. Now that we are into spring we will not need much of our winter gear. I hope to knit some blankets for her next winter and more scarves for the older one.

I need to get organized for next winter with my projects so I can work on them as soon as FALL sets in I know that a long thought. But that’s my favorite season of the year besides SPRING.

Quote of the day “Tell someone how great they look”


1 comment:

  1. Spring is my favorite too. I knit, but I knit blankets and little sockies.

    I'll tell my hubby and son how great they look :)