Monday, March 14, 2011

My productive week…

I made a bunch of bibs I initially wanted to make some bibs for my friends little toddler who is just beginning to eat solids… I really love the prints they were simple. The colors were great as well as. I did make some for my daughter when she was a toddler and it was very handy when she was just beginning to eat. I would love to make some more. If you like these cute bibs you can find them in my etsy store. They are great gifts for someone very special and sure to get some ravings at the baby shower because that’s what happened to me. For my friend I ended up making some burp clothes as well. It was a really a cute gift and she likes it very much.

I wish I saved some fabric from bib collection I made for my daughter but I used all that to make a quilt for her which was really cute.
What have you been making lately…? Are you sewing, baking, or enjoying the time I would love to hear from you…

Quote of the day “Thank those who have given to you”


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  1. Those are beautiful…they look like Anthropologie bibs.