Thursday, March 24, 2011


Even though I am a part time student I have had always positive experience and interaction with the BSU students and staff. Going back to school after a long time was a big decision for me to fight boredom, and earning a college degree. They were important and essential to me very much. In my Montessori career I have always wanted be an Elementary teacher it was important for me to earn my college degree in order accomplish this task. Having a strong Montessori background I wanted to do Special Ed I do remember my first day at orientation and walking to school was kind of filled with mixed feelings. My first class was public speaking and I was pretty nervous however my companion student made me very comfortable. Even though it was a public speaking class we had a great time all the students helped each other in order to achieve what was necessary. Professor Susan MS. Kelly was one of the greatest and the most helpful professors I have met in my lifetime. She works outside her hours to help and prepare students for completions. I was very grateful to start my first course with her.

Recently I have been a member at the BSU Business Entrepreneurship Center. I have to say the Professors and the Staff have been reaching out to students to help plan their Business Plans. Professor Norman Brust and Diana Jennings have been a great help. They both work hard to expand and help the Business community at BSU. I was amazed watch them work very closely with student to get the appropriate help.

Diana Jennings does a great job by inviting people to the center in order to hold workshops for the students. For the past few weeks I have been to at least 3 workshops and more to come. I personally think it is the individual’s contribution that makes this community a huge success and I am happy to be part of this community.

Quote of the day “flexibility is freedom”


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