Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What does the phrase “effective leadership” mean to you?

Lisa is works super hard on cleaning the bathroom by scrubbing the toilet, sink, tub and the floor using tools. You can say, wow that person did awesome job by cleaning the bathroom and she keeps her room and the bathroom clean and tidy.

While Mary spends most of her time working on her projects she also manages to keep her room and the bathroom cleaned and organized. She cleanse while taking a shower her tub, she pours the cleaning liquids before she goes to bed in the toilet. And give a short scrub and a rinse it’s cleaned.

Now you may ask who washes the bathroom most efficient way of course the answer is Mary.

Way back when I was working I learned a hard lesson on time management. I was a teacher in a Montessori class. For those who don’t know what is Montessori it is a hands on education method for young children. My point here is I get so involved in teaching and working with children I will get my group late to go outside. I wanted to change this in other words I wanted to be effective getting my group outside. How did I started change was took control over the situation with help from assistant teacher by asking her to give me reminders. This definitely took a while just getting use to giving reminders then wrapping up the work cycle. The goal was achieved with communication skills and being aware and taking control over the situation.

Where have I apply this… almost on any situation at home, school and work. It does go a long way. For me effective leadership involves a lot but making the right decision at the right time makes a huge impact.

Quote of the day “Challenge your basic mind-set”


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