Monday, March 7, 2011

Coloring with oil pastels

I have been tugging my kids with me to all the museums and so far we have been enjoying it. I decided to offer some oil pastels for my daughter and sit back with my camera… she loved it. After some lessons with her to museum she does a great job watching and admiring the pieces. I sometimes wonder what goes in her mind. I know children’s minds are like sponges constantly absorbing the environment around them. I am pleased to take her to these museums I know later it is going to help her.
Nicolette loves to color lately she has been using a circular movement in coloring I am simply fascinated to watch her color and making pictures…

I am not a very big advocate in giving coloring books I would rather give her blank piece of paper to make her own creation… this has helped me to see how she has evolved from scribbling aimlessly to scribble with a purpose colors are in one corner or middle of the paper lines are joined with other coloring places and makes a continues piece of art. She is contended after coloring…

I enjoy her coloring lately a lot and I always give her coloring on a mat or on the floor. This allows her to relax and make her work enjoyable rather than working on a table… can’t wait spring to come so she can color outside…

Lately Nicolette have been asking me to color with her sometime I love this little invitation but mostly I enjoy the time sitting beside her to watch her coordination coming together to make simple lines or scribbles. Most fascinating component in this activity is she does not take time to think (all young children) act this way when it comes to coloring it is universal but as they become older their intellect takes over this spontaneous plunge in coloring to create… does this happen to us as adults when we become older. Is it going to hinder us in creating or expressing ourselves…?

Quote of the day” make sponge or color blot paintings with your kids”


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  1. Personally, I love art, and oil paints, pastels, pencil drawing, all that is AWESOME to me…my son is still working with crayons, and I'm working on him not eating them.

    The photos are beautiful.

    ~Penelope (I love to write about beauty tips!)