Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dutch Babies & Breakfast…

I recently tumble upon on this recipe on thesleepytimegal.com. I have not tried or made this kind of a recipe. Pictures of food can really motivate you to find the roots. That is what exactly what happened to me. I wanted to give it a try after Google I found out so many versions of Dutch babies. I was amazed with its simplicity and the taste. I have made this couple of times already. I can’t wait to give this a try during summer with fresh fruits…

That’s remind me of that I still have blueberries to make muffins… I will get to it eventually. Dutch babies are very simple and a yummy breakfast if you don’t have much ingredients in hand to make breakfast. Sometimes this could be a nice gateway from mundane breakfast like oatmeal which I do like it very much.
So far I have tried this for breakfast with kids and hubby and for lunch Hugh …yes, we tried this for lunch. Kids enjoyed it very much so did I… thanks for the pictures thesleepytimegal.com
I do enjoy the concept of having breakfast for lunch and dinner it is fun… I actually remember when I was away for school some of my girl friends di this and drank OJ for dinner and said we can stay up all night since we had breakfast for dinner it was fun... we did stayed up to finish our projects… I was a slow writer back then.

What are you making new to introduce the young growing taste buds… recently I read an article about international food at the dinner table… I am planning to write about this on another occasion. But I was happy to introduced German pancakes /Dutch babies to my kids…

Quote of the day “when you are with kids, respect what they say and do”



  1. ooo! Maybe I'll try these!

  2. I never heard of a Dutch baby : ) It looks pretty. I am glad it was delicious and the kids enjoyed! That is the best!