Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Social Networking and Relationships

Today’s technology development has added a whole new dimension to relationships. It is almost like a two edged sword; the benefits are equally balanced by the downsides. The internet is an amazing tool. It has definitely shrunk the world and brought us closer together but its outcome has pushed us psychologically further and further apart. A tsunami has been formed in relationships due to technology development. Social networking has added a whole new dimension to relationships.

One reason is it serves as escapism, convenient, and anonymous. Internet has evolved through the years from chat rooms, to social networking. The common reason in social networking is to connect people together who are friends or have common interest and bonds. Since meeting people online has become so easy it has become a breeding place for infidelity.

People engage in this type of activities easily justify and rationalize what there are doing is not “cheating” According to the article ‘the new infidelity” published by the Dateline, New Delhi 2010 November issue it sheds light on this, If technologies are making distances irrelevant, they are also creating fractures in relationships. Dr Marlene Maheu, US-based psychologist and co-author of Infidelity on the Internet, writes in an email interview, "Technologies are tools, like hammers. They are neutral. The hands that use hammers can build things or break them. Can dishonest people use technological tools for new and creative ways to sneak around and betray those they claim to love? Yes."

People are constantly looking to make their life’ exciting or simply for the excitement of doing something taboo. According to the New York post a recent survey from the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers said 81 % of lawyers have used evidence from social networking more and more often during the past 5 years. Andrew Noyes; Facebook spokesman, denied the site breaks up marriages. ``It's ludicrous to suggest that Facebook leads to divorce . . . ask respondents about other popular communication channels, such as text messaging, chat sites and email, before jumping to conclusions,'' Noyes said. But relationship expert Stacey Kaiser told CNN: ``When it comes to Facebook you are reconnecting with a long-lost love. All those teenage feelings, those college feelings come back again . . . and it drives you to do something you don't normally do.''

People seek new ways to find stimulation and pleasure. Ken Savage 38, Lowell, Massachusetts; Told CNN facebook is “a tool for an affair” and “makes it much easier” His story -his wife was battling through depression so he welcomed facebook. After her wife’s activity got suspicious he started to question. She simply explained I was just chatting with my old boy friend. This leads to end of their 10 year marriage and the birth of the www.facebookcheating.com.

Below are some suggestions from the experts to do to protect your relationships and also to keep an eye on to strengthen your relationship.
Secretive Internet and Secret e-mail accounts If your partner is using internet when you are not around, waiting for you to engage in activities that you won’t be able to free yourself for a while writing a paper, taking care of meals. You might want to check. If your partner is having a secret e-mail account that is something you have to check.

Erasing their path If your partner is constantly erasing the path that is something to question to find out what’s reason behind it.

Password protected PC If you the personnel computer is at home and if its only you and your partner is sharing it. You need to find out why your partner feels to add a password protection.

Excessive Internet Use If you notice your partner is using the internet excessively find what the reason behind it. Is it chatting, reading news?
At the end of the day what matters is what you can do to protect our relationship and use the technology to strengthen your relationships it actually at your finger tips…

Quote of the day “Yesterday is a canceled check; tomorrow is a promissory note; today is the only cash you have. Spend it wisely” – Anonymous


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  1. There are some very good points in this post. I feel that the person who cheats as a result of facebook or a chatroom would have found a way to cheat eventually anyway. You either are in love or not; you either believe in fidelity or not.
    I just stopped by from SITS to say hello. Hope you find time to do the same.