Monday, April 4, 2011

Topponcino/Security Pillow…

 I wanted to write this article in order to give some information about this wonderful must have item for a baby nursery. When you are assembling the layette for your newborn we go through so many resources. I remember I personally went through so many and did research and read many parent magazines from doctors office, consulted friends and family, read all the books.

Only few books offer the Montessori approach designing a nursery for an infant. Having the A to I training and all the resources I was one of the lucky person to offer this environment for my daughter. I do sell this item through my etsy shop people who are seeking for Montessori education as well as build the trust for their newborn.

Some of the common questions using a topponcino were

How long is the Topponcino useful? This is a good question ideally you need to use this during first 2-3 months. (as the infant gain muscle control to hold his/her head topponcino offers an ideal support to the infant)) The reason behind is topponcino act like a security blanket for the newborn. It carries the smell and the familiarity so the infant feels secure with direct and non- direct family members.

During the first few weeks we were traveling with our baby and I used it very much she was happy and secure. I also used this when I was aiding my daughter to wean off the bassinet to her sleeping mattress.
Older siblings feel insecure to hold the infant how can I address this issue? This is the best way to help the older siblings to hold the infant. They do feel secure with proper guidance and help to hold the baby with the topponcino.

Do parents need to use the topponcino to hold the baby? I am a big advocate when it comes to this question that it is very important that parents hold the baby without the topponcino. Your newborn/infant needs to have the experience held by you. Parent’s direct touch is very important in the early stage development. Additionally it plays a key role in bonding. There have been numerous researches done on this topic. This memory of bonding and touching registers in the infant’s kinesthetic memory. As the newborn grows and develop he/she revisit this memory.

Quote of the day “nurture your kids”


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