Monday, March 21, 2011

Corner Stone’s that Helps Builds the House of Learning.

This is a topic that you can rattle on forever because you learn something new every day. This is universal, ageless, ever evolving and yet to be discovered concept. I hope I make sense here. When I decided to go back to school was challenging. While having the titles of a mom, wife, crafter, and business woman needed more learning skills than the regular learning at school. Time Management is the key to success unfortunately I have not mastered. This is yet to be discovered but definitely a learning curve at least for me right now I am exploring every day. One thing I have learned from this is don’t over schedule and let go some tasks. Aren’t we lucky to have Martha Stewart to look up to? I mean this seriously…

Learning to cope with STRESS could definitely make this learning experience a well worth pathway towards a healthy life style and respect to the individuals around you. Sometimes I find solace with my inner feelings or in- tuning with my own faith. This is not a new path to me as I was raised in religious background when I was a little kid. However revisiting these thoughts and experiences gives me a calming wave when I feel like everything is falling apart. I am hoping to take this new learning experience to my heart to look at life in a different prospective. This also helps me to keep a united upfront in front of my own children.

Learning to be prepared in advance takes so much planning and a huge thought process that gives abundance of joy in return. Having a paper or an assignment complete few days’ early gives me so much control over the assignment. Not only that it gives me some time to catch up what’s coming next or at least prompt me to take look at the next chapter. This is new learning experience I am enjoying being responsible and showing I can be accountable takes a lot of planning and I am being a role model for my 13 year old. At least I would like to think that way.

At present these are the three corner stone’s in my new learning experience of going back to school. I do embrace this with open arms… this new learning experience I have chosen has definitely sharpen and changed my life. I am thankful to the BSU staff that I have worked so far have been really nice to me.

Quote of the day “Obstacles are those things we see when we take our eyes off our goals”- Henry Ford


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