Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Our Edible Experimental Garden

Our experimental garden has been very promising and successful. We have learn that SUN can make a huge difference in gardening. We had to cut some branches off of the tree that was adjacent to the garden in order to get more sun. 

The raise garden is so much fun to work with and very easy to start. We have quiet a few crops that we have add. Our tomatoes are growing and they are taller than us keep in mind it is a raise garden. Staking is fun we learned that stakes needs to be tall in order to support the plants. 

Our beets keep growing I have harvested leaves once. Egg plants looks very promising. However, my cucumber did not take off as I expected. We might be able to add a kitchen garden next year right next to the kitchen. I am very excited about the future kitchen garden project. This is a area I get a lot of sun throughout the day. 

My basil is finally growing next to oregano and thyme. I used thyme to make mac and cheese I will post the recipe soon. It was delicious and many liked the dish adults and kids. 

I am happy to see these little tomatoes. I am thinking of canning and building a colorful pantry not this summer hopefully next summer though. I am in the process of gathering supplies. That  would be lovely to eat something that we grew during summer. 

Quote of the day “be bold in life” 


  1. Girl, your garden looks so goood!

  2. I know this is with not much sun. I love my raise bed it has been really good to us providing vegetables to our table.