Monday, July 23, 2012

How to choose pillow covers for a teenager...

Teenagers are teenagers they forget to do stuff, they do not care about washing their hair, matter of fact cleanliness is not a priority, the video games, strange songs, running schedules, swimming, and reading gets prioritized. 

I have a teenager, my goal is to help him to be organized. This could be tough I mean really tough because I need order in my space to think. Now you might think how is this going to connect to choosing pillow cases.

Well I had to throw away the old pillows and get new pillows. They do not come with covers. I take it back they do come with covers and they are WHITE. If you ever had a teenager in your life you will laugh to the fact that I chose pillows with white covers. 

Well long story short his existing bed sheets were blue stripes and I chose this fabric to make cover after few hours working with the material I got from the fabric store. I made “teenage boy friendly” covers to protect those white pillow covers.
His room is finally coming together...

Quote of the day " help each other grow" 


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