Sunday, July 1, 2012


My last project before school was to add the birdhouses to our yard. This was a very inexpensive project. I used the birdhouses I use to decorate my daughters room couple of years back. They were getting old and wanted to find the rightful purpose. 

Panduka helped me to attached them to railing dowels I got from the hardware store. Add some nails, paint, and dig a hole to set them on the ground. I was determined to have them outside before the big rain. 
Here there are finally standing in our yard I want a birdie to make this into a home. Well we will see how this is going to work I have done this back in VA house but did not had much luck. May be in MA. 
I love creating these lovely homes for bugs and birds. I have been always fascinated with nature.  I also got motivated to make bug hotels inspired by my little bit of earth.  
I hope as my young garden mature it will be a safe heaven for little friends from nature who come to visit us. 
Quote of the Day “fill your mind with healthy thoughts”


  1. These are lovely! I keep meaning to refurbish a bird house that came with our (human) house, but it's remained on the to-do list. How cool that you were able to recycle them!

  2. My next project is to make a bug hotel You inspired with your post... and may be paint few birdhouses from the craft store with my kids... to add to our garden... I bought these from a thrift store and used twice...