Monday, July 9, 2012

Humming Birds and Squirrels...

This is an interesting story... I had a humming bird feeder when we were at the apartment. I wanted to make it clear it was when we use to reside at the westside of the town. This was a project I did with my daughter when she was a wee little baby... Yes, we fed humming birds it was interesting for her after her naps. We had one humming bird visiting us everyday.
Now that we are kind of settled in the East side of the town. I decided to hang the bird feeder back up. I wanted a location which I can watch the birds as well. Finally we decided to hang it in our backyard.

Well the feeder was full for two days then all at once in an alarming speed the liquid was vanishing. I did not see a single humming bird nor heard a chirp. I was at a lost. I asked my neighbor if she had seen any humming birds visiting our feeder the answer was no. Then all of a sudden two heads were thinking at the same speed said to each other do you think its the squirrels. Then she said Mmm... Naah can’t be squirrels...

I came in but I was always on the lookout... One evening I was having my tea and I caught the culprit... YES it was the squirrel... I am looking for another spot for humming bird feeder. I would love to see them this summer visiting our garden. I have seen them and I know they are out in the woods... 
Now about the squirrel, who was high on sugar decided to look right into my eye. Perhaps must be thinking that was the best feeder in the neighborhood! 
Quote of the day “know how to wait"

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