Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Garden with a goal...

This tiny west side garden it an experimental garden. We have an apple tree. Evergreen and a low budget perennial garden. 

The reason to establish the perennial garden was to attract bees and butterfly for the future vegetable garden hopefully which will help us with pollination. 
Because we are busy planning another winter test garden (this is going to be our summer vegetable garden as well 2013)  with turnips, radishes, and arugula. I would love to do a cubits order but I am going to have to wait for this year perhaps next year. I would love to grow some kale seeds from them. So far this is how our empty box looks like. 

We have not ordered the garden soil yet but my compost pile is cooking up really good. I am planning to use some of that in my test garden. We do get plenty of sun since the apple tree is small. 

So far my budget perennial garden is looking good. The lambs ears are making the edge very soft with grayish white tones which compliments the russian sage and the lavender plants. 

The jewel of this garden is its original daylily plants. I rescued them add some plant fertilizer gave sunlight and water. They are in business I love them dearly. The uniqueness in these are they are double petals. Our neighbor got beautiful shades of daylily like deep red - orange. She is going to share some with me this Fall. I am looking forward to plant more daylily plants.

I am planning to have a bird house and may be a bug house... I am always thinking about this young garden and how I want to build it. I would love to grow a guacamole garden that would be lovely for hot summer days. 
Quote of the day "buy healthy food not diet food"



  1. I don't ordinarily like daylilies, but something about the double-petaled ones is beautiful. You're so lucky to have inherited them!

  2. I have not seen the double petal daylilies at plant nurseries at all... so I am proud have these in my yard...