Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Nurture the Nature...

I have been blessed this summer with my young garden. I have mothered my day-lilies this Summer and they have been greeting me everyday with their beautiful flowers.  The geometric formation can be very interesting to watch in this flowers. I can see a triangle formation with petals and the color formation. I wish I can paint these beautiful flowers and preserve them in my house. I might work on that idea. 

I am a proud owner of few beautiful day-lilies. I was shocked to see this beauty peeping inside from the kitchen window. Doing dishes has taken a whole new dimension. This is packed with pollen but I cannot keep my eyes off from these. 
Daylily is a flower either you love endlessly or hate it completely. This is  my yellow garden. I have some red  peeking here and there adding a total different atmosphere to my yellow garden stripe. 
I do have a yellow butterfly bush that I have add last winter. For some strange reason I though that it is not going to make it. It has been thriving in this corner. This year we add a dogwood looks like it is slowly taking off as well.
 As a matter of fact this is not completely yellow any more there is pink, white, red and deep red. I want to add an architectural element to this corner, but the existing fire hydrant adds so much fun to this area.  
Do you have a designated spot in your yard that you are working and wants to change. I would love to hear about it.
Quote of the day “be bold in life” 

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