Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A special baby shower gift made at home...

I know this family who does an amazing job raising their little boy. They just had another little boy. I wanted to make them something special for the new arrival. We offered topponcino and covers from the shop but I made some extra gifts for the little one. 

I got this basket from a fundraiser couple of months ago and I used it to load up with goodies. My favorites are the tiny body suites which I decorated with the blanket I made for the little guy. 

I add some hats and grasping beads. So the little one’s noggin will stay warm. He was a real cute baby. Little Nicolette was so happy to deliver the gifts to the expected mom. 

I used the same fabric in a picture frame so it could be added to the nursery later on mom can add a little picture of the baby and reused the frame. 

Final step was to create a flower arrangement with fresh flowers. We took the kitchen shears and walked around the garden. We were able to load an empty jelly jar with fresh flowers from the garden. We did stick to our color scheme blue. Little Nicolette was happy to deliver all these. I hope new mom liked all our gifts...
Quote of the day “see what happens if you simply watch and listen”


  1. What a sweet little basket of goodies! Those onesies are so cute!