Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My love for Hydrangeas...

If some one asks me what is my favorite flower in Northeastern Gardening I have to agree on the endless Hydrangeas. I am addicted  for this plant and it comes in so many varieties just make me go nuts. 
So far this season I have met my budget I cannot spend money on any plants. How pathetic is that I have met my budget. I might get some wiggle room in Fall gardening and that is going to be tuff as I want to buy bulbs. This year going back to work might interfere with my planting schedules. 

However I have scored two variegated Oh... Yes! You heard me right variegated hydrangea plants. Whenever I go to Boston to do my museum papers I pass the Northeastern University and all I can see is this beautiful plant in bloom. Since then I have been looking into this variety. When I found it finally I did not wanted to loose it with limited quantities. 
I would love  to create a variegated corner in my garden. And I bought a deep red almost like Fall foliage hydrangea. They are not in bloom yet but working on spreading their roots deep. 

This is what I bought last year and it is blooming. Look at the blooms in deep blue. When I was a Virginian it was always pink if you do not treat them with alkaline. 

This one is from a friend. They are gorgeous love the shade when it is in the stage of a tight bud form it has a light green huge. It is breathtaking when the buds starts to open it change to bright white almost like a cotton ball. 

This is another variety of endless summer Hydrangea with loose pink blossoms. The sales from this plant goes to breast cancer research program. A good cause to add more hydrangea to our yard...
Except for few I have written about all the Hydrangeas in my yard. There is one bush which have not bloom this year. I will probably do it next year or later this year. I guess by now you know how much I adore this beautiful plant.
Quote of the day “ treasure time like gold”

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