Sunday, July 29, 2012

Setting rules and following through...

Little Nicolette’s room get messy often during the day. Let me rephrase it Nicolette like to play and make things with her hands just like her mom. Through this process she forgets to put things back where it belongs in her room.

When it gets really messy she is very GOOD at asking help from us to help her to put things back where they belong. We honestly thought she needs help. Now we know that is not the case most of the time. 

So we help her during the process but will not do work for her. She is beginning to understand that we are not cooperating to help her to clean her room. We did explain that she needs to clean up after her play, we are there only to direct her not to do her work. 

Throughout summer the garden has been non stop producing flowers. I have been helping little Nicolette to arrange flowers in a vase and bring them inside to her room lately. 

However, we do this only when she cleans her room. She like to hold the vase with water so I can place flowers in water. Typically flowers lasts for couple of weeks or days. We do tend to change water but she loves the fact that she can help me through this process. 

Quote of the day “walk barefoot on the grass” 

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