Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year…

My New Year resolutions consist of a list as always; How about you… what have you decided to accomplish this year, give up, help out, seek out, grow into, dig into, to create, or is it simply to soak life in… I would love to hear so feel free drop a line or two…

My New Year celebration was wonderful, memorable, and fun. I was able to watch fire works with my family on a boat at the Boston Harbor. I could not ask for any more it was beautiful, breath taking and the weather was great Surprising warm front help the Bostonians to celebrate New Year in spring fashion very unusual for most of us who choose to live up North. We all had a great time after a very long time as a family. I would not forget that.

I am anxious to see what 2011 has offer to me or in other words what I have to offer 2011. We will see as time unravels. Past couples of years have made me stronger, bolder, and a pusher. Not only that it allowed me to explore the creativity, understand me, what I want, and to realize where my life is heading, what I need to focus, my family and my children. It was indeed a great experience which I am still learning and exploring but it has definitely made me a totally different person.

Understanding relationships, family, and friendships… Yes, I have changes took charge of different situations, cried a lot but I grew up a whole lot past few years. When I look back those tracks I am humbly happy where I am it was not an easy ride… I thank many of you who stop by in my blog to take peak with your busy lives.

Quote of the day “accomplish something everyday”



  1. Oh, I can just imagine a boat out on the harbor over New Year! What an awesome thing to do!


  2. Hi CK, yes it was a lot of fun... we all enjoyed it very much... thanks for visiting my blog...