Friday, January 28, 2011

Room Makeover…

Nicolette being a two made me realized that she needs a room make over. We did together my husband did a great job in drawing a branch on the wall free hand. After watching the idea of having a decal on the wall I wanted to have a branch, some leaves and a bird nest.

It was very simple but did add a big impression to her room. Most of all she loves the painting very much as I did creating this space for her. For some reason if we were to move all we have to do is paint over it may be add some primer and it will be gone. I am glad that I can pain wall because it does come in handy so many ways.

I did add a small chair next to her basket of books so she can have some quiet time reading. Nicolette is a very loud reader with so much drama I love to hear her reading books to us.

It was so much fun creating her space with little changers. She was helping us throughout this process and I think it gave her some ownership in her newly created space with responsibilities of cleaning up after play is very vital now since the kitchen is in her room.

So in a nut shell creating her room cost $3.00 bucks only the paint… I thought it was a budget friendly way to add a little action to any one’s space. It does not have to be a huge thing even a small subtle changers can make a big impact.

Quote of the day “be in love with the world”


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