Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Birthday…

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Our little Nicolette turned 2 years yesterday I cannot believed where the time has gone. We decided to have a family B’day party just us. However we did invited her best playmate to join her to celebrate her B’day. She had great time even though she was fighting a cold. I did make everything except for flowers. We had cake, tart, sandwiches, chocolate covered pretzel rods with tea. Its fun having homemade B’day cake… It didn’t go the way I planned with fondant icing may be we will celebrate this spring with fondant cake. It was challenging to find utensils when everything is boxed in storage.

She didn’t care about the chocolate icing over fondant, she had a blast with her friend. Her brother and dad helped me a lot to get everything organized for her B’day. Some of her presents we ordered for her are still  on the way. Thanks everybody who wished our little Nicolette a happy B’day and send presents. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Quote of the day “show a child how much fun life can be”



  1. Very cute Sharmila, looks like she had a nice birthday, especially like the pic of the 2 girls together. Hope to see u soon!

  2. Happy birthday Nicolette! Beautiful treats and beautiful flowers! And man, that cake looks delicious!

  3. The cake looks beautiful! I'm glad you didn't stress over it. You should try it again sometime. IT looks like a lot of fun!