Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Memory Keeper’s Daughter…

I have been reading this past couple of days it was my second book that I bought at the church fair. Yes, I did cried while I was reading this book. I am sure most of you must have read this book for those who didn’t I highly recommend this wonderful book by Kim Edwards. # 1 New York Times best Seller.

“Anyone would be struck by the extra ordinal power and sympathy of The Memory Keeper’s Daughter” The Washington Post

I usually read during summer when I was working since I don’t get a vacation. I use to teach year around, boy it does burn you out very fast. So my recovery to slow down was to at least read one book during summer. I have adapted this routine to cold, gloomy, and depressing days currently. Truly I love this weather it does not affect me at all funny right. I come from a tropical climate but loves the snow and live for the gloomy days to plan activities with my kids or just me.

About the book… I have not read anything like this I am going to be a special ED teacher that is my goal, but it was amazing to understand the Education system way back in 60’s. Yes very different, radical, and narrow minded. I am not sure if I chose the right word but that’s exactly how I felt. How things were handle, like delicate matters as loss, I have been through many of these situations and push myself hard to come out of the blue it was hard. But what I take from that situation is if you are aware of your feeling you can act accordingly with the right set of mind. Many times it is challenging be aware of your situation without any help. I have seen some people have natural ability or talent to come out of these difficult situationshowever not all.

This remarkable book talks about many aspects of Down syndrome, poverty, responsibilities, mothers fight to save her daughter, brother’s feelings for his sister, a husband and a father who loves unconditionally and ultimately looses everything for love…

If you have read the book tell me what you think about it… if not give it a try…

Quote of the Day “be comfortable with contradictory ideas in your mind”


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