Monday, January 17, 2011

I am not tired of knitting hats… can you guess?

 You might think is she crazy… well I am not I don’t think I can ever be tired of knitting hats. During this past holiday I got to meet some wonderful people. One person was my scrapbooking friend’s sister. She was great. It’s been a while I have done any scrapbooking but I do enjoy this round of friends. Fun part was this friend’s sister was a knitter.

I would say she is revisiting her teenage knitting skills… but she was pretty good with her knitting skills. So she shared this pattern with me. I couldn’t wait to get my hands around this pattern. I re- visited my yo - yarn over technique which I use to struggle is a breeze now. This hat works great as gift for a new born and as great heirlooms piece.

I love the i - cord that use to tie around the hat going through the eyelets. It adds a little whimsical to this lovely hat.

Quote of the day “involve yourself with good people”


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  1. Love the look of this hat! All your hats show lots of creativity - I like the I-cord to tie around too! I will have to get this pattern from you - Cynthia