Monday, January 24, 2011

Thank you Cards…

I enjoy making cards at home. I was running out of my stock and today I decided to make some cards. This was my design with some leftover scrapbooking paper. Sometimes I do use small scrapbooking booklet papers which are the idea size for card making.

I use some stamps, ribbon, and the flower punch. I was able to replenish my thank you note cards stock in few minutes. I simply cut them to the pattern paper to the length of the cards and in various widths so I can layer them to get a funky look. I did use the three dimension stickers to elevate the flowers from the card. I love that look because it adds a subtle drama to the card. And the shadow plays a cool effect on these homemade cards.

I have used them with friends and always received good raving about these cards. I have completely stop buying thank you cards from the stores. I love to send an old fashion note for a gift I received or a service I received. Because I personally think people like to know and it feels good o know that the person who offered the service did a good job or in other words simply like to know the effort was much appreciated.

Again that’s me not everyone feels that way with today’s lifestyle.

Quote of the day “tie up loose ends”


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  1. I love these cards and have received many and I value each and every one! The creativity and works of art are so amazing! Cynthia